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Cling On

Our flagship Cling On is an American Wheat that creates the perfect balance of wheat, barley and imported hops with full bodied, rich flavors. This beer is easy to drink any time of the year, some say it’s too easy to drink and your left looking for something or someone to “cling on” to. Keep Calm – Drink Cling On – 6% ABV

Muddy Duck

Let’s get quack’n! A surprisingly humorous web-footed swimming bird depicts this smooth and robust English Brown Ale. Lightly hopped and slightly nutty with notes of chocolate is sure to beguile the palate. ABV 5.7%

Ass Blaster

We start with a great beer in its own right and add jalapenos in perfect proportion to give it a little kick. It has a fresh aroma of jalapenos with a bite to match. The bite quickly fades to savory flavor to quench any thirst. Beware, don’t be stubborn and get carried away for it may come back with a blast. It didn’t get its name for nothin’. ABV 5.9%

the Sandhills Cream Ale

This distinct masterful brew is smooth and light, much like the Sandhills. It’s an easy drinkin’ session beer for all to love all year long. Light blonde in color and crisp, fresh flavors get you dreaming of the good life no matter where you are. ABV 4.7%

IE Oatmeal Stout

Let’s face it, some beers can leave you feeling a little dumb. NOT THIS ONE!  Intelligence Enhancer, I.E. Oatmeal Stout will leave you feeling ready for the quiz bowl in no time. Rich and creamy with notes of chocolate and coffee and full of intelligence enhancing flavor.  Slick your hair back, push up your glasses, snap your suspenders and get ready to impress the knee high socks off your friends. (Not guaranteed, results may vary).

Hoppy Homesteader IPA

India Pale Ale’s originally got their name from the long trip from England to India and the large amounts of hops used to preserve the beer giving it a distinctive bitterness and hoppiness. Our version combines hops and barley to create delicate citrus flavors with strong hops notes and aroma. Our hoppy friend has traveled a long way to claim this homestead and it is well worth the trek. ABV 5.4% IBU 63

Naked Orange Stinger

A refreshing citrus aroma from hand zested oranges and a hint of sweetness from local honey bees makes one stinging sip follow another. A good zest leaves these oranges a bit bare. Yes, naked is good!  ABV 5.4%

Horned Hereford
Irish Red Ale